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We hate obese passengers and people with personal hygiene issues, abused' TSA staff vent

• Daily Mail

Furious security staff today hit back at pat down searches in airports across America, claiming that they hated dealing with obese travellers and those with personal hygiene problems.

As millions of people prepared to travel for Thanksgiving,  passenger backlash was growing against the measures introduced by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

But after being contacted by a travel blog, 17 security staff came forward to express their disgust at the policy put in place last month.

They said that they hated having to carry out body searches, with one claiming that it was worse for him than the passenger.


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Comment by Anonymous
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This man was arrested in the airport’s security screening area for a different and even more weird reason!

The report goes that this nice-looking middle-aged lady security body-patter who was reportedly enjoying her job in the airport, did her daily routine with that usual enthusiasm … she groped this traveler’s groin looking for terrorists hiding there. Suddenly she exclaimed to her supervisor who was standing nearby that she felt the balls in her hands were rather suspiciously extra large.

So the lady groper and her supervisor brought the suspect passenger to a secluded area and ordered to strip down. The man refused. He wanted the lady-screener’s hands in his groin, and without gloves, the better so that she could feel it better !!! The man argued that if the security people have the right to touch his private part against his will, he might as well enjoy it. Asked why his balls were extraordinarily large, the man replied: I guess due to too much self-patting. I love it.

Mr. Balls was arrested. Ground for arrest: Lewd remark to the pretty TSA agent who claimed her self-respect was injured!!!

This may serve as a warning. TSA agents can also file a counter-charge ... no matter how stupid it may seem.

But make no mistake about it… TSA has attracted a lot of loonies in the airport from both sides of this burning security issue. Osama bin Laden must be enjoying what’s happening because attempts to blow up airlines seemed to have been forgotten for a while. The only terror attacks going on right now are attacks against freedom to travel coming from TSA.



Comment by Ned The Head
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Another great business concept! These people are gonna need extensive taxpayer funded therapy. Psychic wounds like this go deep, they'll probably need lifelong treatment and heavy medications. Lots and lots of medications. In a supportive yet casually tasteful 5-star environment. Get in touch, get in on the ground floor!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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