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Sharing Liberty Ideas and Rejecting the Electoral Process & Political Parties

Cast Your Light Into The Darkness of Statism-When a critical mass of liberty-loving individuals is reached, governmental tyranny will be abolished. I reject the electoral process and political parties, they are not effective.

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Comment by Ned The Head
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Mixed feelings here. There's always a feeling that "my form of activism is best and if people were smart they'd do like me". And there's a feeling of "the difference between a partisan activist and an anarchist is two election cycles". However, the R3VOLUTION getting sucked into the partisan scene has had great results! A whole section of people found a way to express themselves politically that probably never have before. It certainly has it's down sides but look at the upsides. 30 years of trying and we barely got anybody to care what libertarianism is. Now it's popular to compare yourself to libertariansim. Plus, this "entry level step" has brought many into the next steps and they probably wouldn't have got there besides.

The partisan game isn't my thing and like many, I held my nose, registered republican and voted. It made a difference.

Comment by Keith Cyrnek
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Thanks Christine. I too became repulsed in a party/the system/ the game/ the BS... The Rep. party when I infiltrated the party due to support Ron Paul. I felt horrible/ill in my gut going to the legislative district 9 / congressional district 2 (Trent Franks R) meetings and then the state convention. The only thing that saved me was the like minded Ron Paul supporters that also infiltrated their district where we had some fun. I can only imagine how "sick" it was running for a state seat in Colorado. Peace out, KC

Comment by Brock
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Christine, I'm so happy for you!  Welcome to the rest of your life, free from the lies, immaturity, and naked aggression of politics and politicians!

We live longer, stay healthier, and have a lot more fun. ;-)