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Tony Blair’s ex-roommate shut down inquest into death of David Kelly

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Britain's attorney general may finally allow a full inquest into the death of David Kelly, a weapons inspector who died under suspicious circumstances shortly after being identified as the source of a leak that embarrassed the British government ahead of the invasion of Iraq.

.... the Hutton inquiry was shut down prematurely -- less than two weeks after the investigation was called -- and was done so on the orders of Charles Falconer, at the time Britain's Lord Chancellor, the Cabinet secretary responsible for the courts.
... Falconer was once a roommate of Tony Blair, the British prime minister whose push to launch the war in Iraq was dealt a public blow when Kelly told the BBC that Blair's government had exaggerated the threat posed by Saddam Hussein.
.... Among the irregularities the medical professionals cite is the lack of fingerprints on the bottle of pills that Kelly reportedly ingested before he was found dead in the woods near his home on July 18, 2003. Nor were fingerprints found on a knife and water bottle near Kelly's body, even though the knife was supposedly used to open Kelly's wrists. Contradictory claims abound about the presence of blood at the scene ....

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Well, at least Assange hasn't been found dead in his jail cell having slit his wrists in an obvious suicide . . . yet, as is the British preference with disposing of these troublesome whistleblowers. 

Perhaps released on bail he can now be found hanging in his apartment by a dog leash as is the CIA preferred method of dealing with leaks.