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Someday soon you'll fly without pilots

• Terrence Aym
First the military flew unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), next it will be cargo planes and finally commercial passenger aircraft. Aviation experts fully automated airliners in the foreseeable future--once the subject of speculative pulp fiction of the 1920s and the popular dream of many 20th Century futurists.

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Comment by JustinTyme
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Wait!  I thought they've already used this technology in commercial planes.  9/11? ;-)


Comment by Psychictaxi
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I REFUSE OUTRIGHT to travel in any conveyance that is NOT piloted by a human that has as much invested in the vehicles' safety and well-being as it's passengers (being on or in the vehicle itself along with me).  Especially if it has to do with flight.

The only exceptions being tracked, such as trains, light rail, trollys, and subways - but then still I'd feel a whole lot better with an actual person in the front car, with their hand on the brake.