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Watchdog: IRS tormenting struggling taxpayers

• AP
A government watchdog says the Internal Revenue Service is tormenting struggling taxpayers in the midst of a slumping economy by increasing the number of liens the agency has filed against people who owe back taxes.

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Comment by TommiT
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Too many Americans believe they are paying their "fair share" to support the government with their income tax dollars.  Most don't know that Beardsley Ruml of the Federal Reserve said in 1947 that income taxes are not needed to support the U. S. government.  In the 1980's, the Grace Commission said on page 7 of its report on government waste that the income tax collected goes directly to the Federal Reserve, a private banking cartel, to pay the interest for it to control our money supply.  That's why these abuses go on.  Most Americans also don't know that the concept of the citizen's "fair share" comes from the Communist Manifesto.

Comment by Givemelibertyor...
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 The level of stupidity that is reflected in the comment section of that article is enough to make me sick. The MASSES OF ASSES are truely out in force on that page.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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