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Karl Denninger: Police Have To Stop With The "Us .vs. Them" Crap

We're tired of the crooks that are stealing houses and otherwise generally screwing the public by doing things like filing false affidavits or even just breaking in and changing locks, not even bothering with a court judgment first. And we're tired of the crooks that are police officers who shoot and kill a man in Seattle who is whittling with a pocket knife or who kick down the wrong door in botched drug raids and in doing so shoot and kill innocent people. You folks in the police forces are interested in only one of these sorts of crook but not the others, and when you're after the first sort you really don't give a **** how many innocent citizens' rights you trample in the process. While we're well-aware that the number of officers who do the latter are in the minority, the fact remains that law enforcement studiously evades applying the same standards to a cop who kicks down a door at the wrong house and shoots the occupant and the guy who commits a home invasion - even though both, when the wrong house is raided, are in fact the same thing and bring the same result to the victim. This is a problem. See, if the Zombies come, and it appears you're concerned they might, you're outnumbered standing alone, especially when you let serial felons out of prison who appear to believe that **** and gunplay are sports. If the Police stand with us - the good guys commonly known as "Joe Citizen", however, we all outnumber the jackasses. "Joe Citizen" has guns too, and we're happy to carry them... but you don't want us to. You think that our unalienable rights are privileges and you make a good show of treating them that way. Further, as I pointed out, you don't think we have the right to be secure in our homes, persons and effects except when you show up with a warrant and can particularly describe what you're looking to search and seize, based on probable cause under judicial review. I seem to remember somewhere that there's this pesky document that says we have both of those rights, among others. And I also seem to remember that you didn't give those rights to us, and neither did anyone else in government - we got them as a consequence of being endowed by our Creator with them. We don't ask much, really, and if you're willing to recognize some fairly basic facts you'll find that the citizens will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you. But to do that you have stop with the "us .vs. them" crap.

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I wonder what the results would be if someone did a Google or Yahoo search on the words "police brutality."