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The Day I Visited Fort Knox to Checkout the Gold Supply

Soon, a sign was visible on the road: Ft. Knox: Home of the 194th Armored Brigade. Traveling along Brandenburg Road turnoff, which leads into the military reservation, there are some railroad spur lines, rusted and weed infested, indicating lack of use. I remember thinking, the gold didn’t get out that way. As we moved still closer to the fort, however, the spur lines criss-cross the entire area and these aren’t rusted, or weeded, and seem to be well used. I started to wonder. Helicopters and small aircraft seemed to be in the air all the time. The bus turned on to Bullion Blvd. The bus continues until it runs into the perpendicular “Gold Vault Road.” One hundred yards, or so, up is Ft. Knox Bullion Depository. At the entrance to Gold Vault Road was a sign and a large speaker. The sign states in bold, large capital letters: HALT STATE YOUR BUSINESS IN LOUD SPEAKER. DO NOT ENTER WITHOUT PERMISSION

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The gold was "all" there? Whatever you saw was for public consumption, to serve a reassuring purpose. You, my friend, help perpetuate it to this day. I, and hundreds of active duty personnel and their dependents were eyewitnesses not only of the convoy of US Army deuce-and-a-half trucks loading up at the Gold Vault and transferring it off-base....but also the preparations, which took a couple of weeks. Even base personnel and dependents not witness to it had common knowledge of those preparations and transfer. Either what we witnessed was an extremely elaborate and expensive HOAX, or they transferred the gold. It was also common knowledge that it (the greater portion) was to end up in France. The "why" was, and is speculative.