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BRICS Make Move to Shove Dollar Aside

• Yahoo Finance
China, India, Russia and Brazil just spent their entire summit meeting discussing the system that will replace the US dollar as the world's reserve currency.

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Comment by GrandPoobah
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 Let me see here. You have the honesty and openess of Russia and China. You have the history of Brazil (all of about 20 years) and you have India.

really, who is going to put their faith and trust in the banks or money of those? Granted we are not the most honest or open country in the world coming in at 22 (Evil socialist countries like Denmark (1), Sweden (4), The Netherlands (7) among others are ahead of us. But among the BRIC the best of them ranks 69. You really think someone is going to start doing business with a group whose most honest country is over 1/3 down the list And do not forget that we still rank #1 in two very important things. Food exports, and military. Articles like this are just more evidence that there is no limit to stupid