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Police Confront Broward Judge at Gunpoint

• NBC News

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hey all slowly went out through a side door. “She was putting the gun down. They yelled, ‘put the gun down! Put the gun down!’ Right there, the cop had his gun pointed at her.”

Judge Holmes, surrounded by deputies with guns drawn, slowly put the gun on the grass, announcing it as she went. She was holding a cell phone in the other hand. When she began to place that on the ground, police began yelling.

"When she went to put that down, they yelled, ‘Get away from the gun!’ She said ‘everybody calm down. I'm putting my cell phone down’."


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Follow up to the judge gets treated like everybody else for a few minutes anyway: 

Judge: Deputies Would Have to Shoot Me

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Not as tasty as Las Vegas, but it shows in the end it is good to be the King's Man: