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Why do Americans still dislike atheists?

• Washington Post
Long after blacks and Jews have made great strides, and even as homosexuals gain respect, acceptance and new rights, there is still a group that lots of Americans just don’t like much: atheists. Those who don’t believe in God are widely considered to be immoral, wicked and angry.

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Comment by Anonymous
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Let me point out again the problem of atheists they hardly know or realize – intellectual myopia. Calling belief in God "superstition", is like mistaking a camel for a horse. Also a donkey and a horse look similar, but a horse is neither a donkey nor a donkey is a horse, thus myopic atheists see superstition and belief in God when they see a horse and call it a donkey.

Superstition is an "irrational belief in God", claims an atheist who obviously needs help. Irrational…??? The ancient and modern studies of God and the existence of God and Supernatural Beings by renowned scholars and celebrated dogmatists the world had ever known, had long established the existence of God or gods, even before the time of Galileo and Aristotle – i.e., religious philosophies and beliefs in the spiritual realm, an erudite science of learning in ancient civilization down to the present modern life of human beings now living in cyberspace. If you call them "irrational believers" of God and/or Supernatural Beings, you are an intellectually myopic atheist that cannot distinguish between a horse and a donkey.

Actually, digest this: If I were to say that I am NOT superstitious in believing there is God, my superstition is that God does not exist.

Ergo, the most superstitious bipeds that walk the earth are those who bloat like croaking frogs in the pond claiming that they are not superstitious.

One day an atheist horse-owner woke up and saw this camel camel-walking down the barn with an ugly, dirty bulging back. The horse-owner cursed his horse for coming from an animal ancestor so deformed and ugly. To myopic nonbelievers, ugly camels are those who believe in God… tsk…tsk…!!! They swear and beat their horse. Either eye surgery or lobotomy is needed to restore back this missing intellectual 20-20 vision.


Comment by Don Duncan
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Xaul Ex: The USSR did away with religion and the result was still tyranny. While it's true that religion and government go hand in hand reinforcing one another (see: "Faith & Force: Destroyers of the Modern World" by Ayn Rand) the absence of  one superstition does not preclude the existence of another. See: "The Most Dangerous Superstition" by Larken Rose. Any belief that cannot survive open debate, i.e., rational analysis, is destructive of life. To be against superstition is the same as to be for reason. But it is more direct and effective to say that our mind and its rational faculty is our only means of survival. From this follows philosophy: metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, politics, aesthetics. From superstition follows nothing but dogmatic contradiction. It's a dead end. It's anti-life. The questions is: Will we let us destroy us? Or will we choose to do the mental work required for survival, i.e., think?

Comment by Don Duncan
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I addressed the question of belief in god at age 8. My parents would not help me decide even by telling me their beliefs. They insisted I decide for myself without pressure. I asked: "How?" They suggested I go to Sunday school. I did. I got only one side of the story.  I enjoyed the bible stories as entertainment but put them in the same category as fiction or fantasy. I did not judge them to be factual accounts of historical events. I shared my views with the teacher. I was immediately expelled. Still, I had not made up my mind about god, only religion. When I thought about the meaning and implications of an entity that had life and death power over me and threatened to kill me or hurt me if I did not obey His wishes, I rejected a life under such circumstances. I demanded freedom or death. I therefore, rejected god, and in so doing felt emancipated. I was my own person, and owed nothing to anyone. It was my life, and I was going to live it on my terms, by my mind, taking the good with the bad, i.e., suffering from my mistakes, and benefiting from my correct decisions. I later came to realize that I had chosen a life of self responsibility based on self respect. I held my mind as sacrosanct. Many years later, at 23, I learned the implications of my decision from Ayn Rand in "The Virtue of Selfishness".  I had rejected the concept of government at 12 for the same reasons I rejected god. I did not want to be ruled (pushed around or threatened) by anyone. After 68 years, I have never had reason to change my mind. I am more convinced than ever I made the correct choice.

Comment by Xaul Ex
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It is my opinion, that "God/Religion" is the only reason that this movement hasn't completely taken off yet. The idea of god is what has gotten us humans in this predicament before. The idea of god is one of tyranny, worship, and allegiance. This only perpetuates the idea of a global servitude, that the corporations are willing us into. When humans officially abandon the entire idea of "god", only then, can we realize true human potential.

Comment by PureTrust
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Evolution? No! It is Devolution. Why?

Centuries ago, before devolution had become as great as it is today, people naturally understood GREEN. They lived their lives, hunted, worked the fields, endured the joys of having children, grew old and died. It is the same today... at least as far as the growing old and dying.

God in his love originally, in the BEGINNING, gave people the freedom to maintain the perfect state, or to enter into devolution. People chose the latter. Yet this didn't stop God's love. God placed an automatic "scientific" advancing formula into the mix, one that would activate when people devolved far enough.

Both our bodies and our minds are devolving. Our devolution has gone along so far that we no longer think GREEN like we should. So, our thoughts turn elsewhere because they don't understand GREEN any longer. They turn to science and invention. Science and invention support our weakening, devolving bodies so that we have a chance to live the life. This is part of the wisdom and the plan that God has placed into nature for us.

NOTE: The GREEN spoken about above is similar to the GREEN that the GREEN movement speaks about. It is not, however, the GREEN movement... which movement is a radical turning away from individual freedom towards socialization, and hardly GREEN at all except in some of their talk.


Comment by PureTrust
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There is no such thing as a "Society Without God." There might be a society that tries to deny the truth of the existence of God. Here's why there is no such thing as a society without God.

1. Check the dictionaries. The term "god" usually refers to a being that is greater than humans. No human being knows the future... even 1 second into the future. Yet, we often feel that we know it. If we knew the future, we would have had opportunity to avoid all the car accidents, etc. Because of this, we are constantly trying to find out about the things that are greater than we... about the god(s).

2. There is no such thing as pure random. The term "probability" suggests this, right in the meaning of its root word "probably." There is only cause and effect, action and reaction. What was the Cause that started all the causes and effects?

3. ALL inventions that people come up with, are reflections of something already happening in nature. Even spontaneous inventions are found to have their base in something that nature has been doing for thousands of years... and usually far better than the human invention. So, the Great First Cause is intelligent... or else, we are not.

4. Since the Great First Cause is intelligent, and set everything in motion with intelligent design in it, there you have "god." Not only is it "god," but it is so extremely powerful and knowledgeable that it is "GOD." And we are so weak in our inabilities that we fall far short of being anything like God.

So, it is not so much angry religious people against atheists. It is mostly people who are trying to believe in the false religion of atheism, people who are frustrated that they cannot truly convince even themselves that atheism is the truth, people who think that if they talk loudly enough and long enough..., people who are trying to convince everyone that something as foolish as atheism is the truth... it's these people who are angry with those who recognize that GOD truly exists.

However, when the lies of atheism are thrown at a person as though they were the truth for a long enough time, if they are crammed in schools into the heads of unsuspecting, innocent children, no wonder a few God-believing people might become angry with atheists.

When people house animals in zoos, or plants in little home terrariums, do they not allow themselves methods for viewing the plants and animals therein? God is watching.


Comment by Anonymous
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Why do Americans still dislike atheists? The question should have been Why do atheists dislike the biggest world of believers from their small gibbering enclave of non-believing God-bashers? They want their voice heard as non-conformists. In their relationship with believers – talking about respect and civility, etc. --they are the offenders of religious feelings and sensibility because they do not only need to prove but most of all they desperately need to validate to the whole world their disbelief in God since to them there is no God and everything is only physical and material … worst of all when they flaunt their aggression with an accusation that all believers are IRRATIONAL for believing in God that is NOT REAL … in the mind of a die-hard atheist philosopher of their kind, humans are just a particular living specie in the animal kingdom that are rational not necessarily spiritual, in short, we are just animals that live no different from or a little bit higher than how cats and dogs exist in the world of animals.

As I have repeatedly pointed out earlier as many times as agnostics and non-believers continuously undermine the world’s belief in God or insult the people’s belief in spirituality or worship of their own god [by branding them "irrational"], to the last atheist left standing there is nothing real in this world EXCEPT THE ATHEIST’S OWN REALITY -- THE ONE AND ONLY!