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Lawyers for Families of 911 Victims to Sue Iran?

ran knew about 9/11 before it happened and helped train hijackers, court papers say. Lawyers representing September 11th victims’ families claim new evidence shows Iranian officials assisted in training hijackers and had advanced word of the attacks. There is ‘clear and convincing’ evidence for damages and a federal judge should find Iran culpable in the terror attacks, according to papers filed in Manhattan, New York. Three defectors from Iran's intelligence service testified they worked in positions giving them access to sensitive information about Iran's state sponsorship of terrorism, the lawyers said. The testimony supports a claim that Iranian officials had advanced word of the attacks and that Iran helped train those who carried it out, they allege. Dead: The lawyers said witnesses provided testimony that then-senior Hezbollah operative Imad Mughniyah had an integral role in a terror alliance Iran has not responded to the lawsuit - first filed in Washington D.C. and transferred to New York. The Shiite regime in Iran and Sunni group Al Qaeda are natural enemies, though they have had a relationship of convenience based on their shared hatred of the U.S. The lawyers said Iran and ‘its proxy terrorist organization’, the Lebanese group Hezbollah, entered into a terrorist alliance with Al Qaeda in the early 1990s. This continued throughout the preparations for the 2001 attacks, they allege. They said Iran and Hezbollah gave material support to Al Qaeda after the attacks by helping some of the terrorist group's leaders and their families escape from the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan. The lawyers are filing videotaped testimony under seal which show three defectors from Iran's intelligence service ‘circumstantially and directly’ implicate Iran and Hezbollah in 9/11.

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Another lie by our government. Since inception in 1979 this country has not attacked any other country.