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Conclusive Proof of Falsified Information on Obama's BC

Obama Sr was born in 1934. Obama Jr was born in 1961, making Obama Sr 37 years of age at the time of Jr's birth.The Birth Certificate lists his age as 35. On immigration documents following Jr's birth, Obama Sr changed his birth year to 1936 -- seemingly to correspond with the incorrect information provided on Jr's BC.The only way this makes sense is if it was the grandparents who were the ones that gave the Hawaii Health department the information placed on Obama's BC.

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Comment by Hawkeye
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So What!! Does anyone really think a so called American will do anything about it?

Americans are the most ignorant,greedy,self serving people on earth...get a life if you really think anything will be done by our elected leaders...if you think are an Idiot,and can not back up anything you may have to say.It like those Obama people.....they now the least.