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Ron Paul Libyan War Is "About Commercial Business!"

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Comment by BobbyJoe Simons
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The day is coming soon when we the people Will simply tell our creditor, the Fed Reserve, That they can stick their bill where a duck cant Stick it's bill. The same can be for China since They like to rig their currency exchange for all These years now.

Comment by alex wherry
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Just because he might be a freemason does NOT make him an evil person. Freemasonry and secret societies are not categorically evil & good men still fill those ranks, despite whatever higher up corruption exists.   

Comment by Jax Laroux
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Too bad Ron Paul is a Freemason. If he ever managed to convince the warlords of Wall Street, the Zionists, and the Illuminazi's to make him president nothing would change.
Comment by David Coker
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I know why public opinion is shifting in Dr. Paul's direction.  Because he is exactly right.  More and more people are getting their news from sources that are not controlled by Zionist Jews.  Mark my words.  This will not be allowed to continue.  Our corrupt government can not afford for people to know the truth because so many in Congress depend on AIPAC money for re-election. AIPAC is undermining our democracy with our own money given to Israel in foreign aid and secreted illegally back into the re-election campaigns of numerous Congressmen.  Without the money to bribe and intimidate our representatives we would not be in these Zionist wars of aggression.  The Zionist occupation of America is destroying America.  One more step toward a global government with Zionist running the whole show.  It is your money that went to bail out all of the Jewish owned "too big to fail" banks.  Your children are now debt slaves to foreign owned banks.  Google "Zionist Occupied Government".   The amount of control Jews have over America is astounding.