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300 rounds fired during Texas border shootout

• AP
U.S. law enforcement officials exchanged about 300 rounds of gunfire with suspected drug runners during a pre-dawn shootout across the Rio Grande, but only about six came from the suspects, authorities said Friday.

The Texas Department of Public Safety, whose Rangers were involved in the shootout, said such an overwhelming response was standard given the United States' zero tolerance policy when guns are pointed at its authorities. Department officials previously [lied] said the Americans were under "heavy fire," but they've since backed away from that.

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Comment by Temper Bay
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300 rounds fired by U.S. - - Three suspects on the Mexican side of the river were believed injured or killed - - hummmmm - 100 rounds per bad guy.

On my first day I was handed a badge, a S&W Model 10 .38Special and 12 rounds of ammo.  I looked down at the bullets in my hand for a moment, then "Only 12 bullets?" I asked.  The Chief was passing by and answered my rooky complaint; "If you have to kill 12 men then it's not a police matter; you're in the middle of a war.  Get your ass out of there."

Different times, different ways.