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In AZ 1 gulp of NyQuil an then Driving Punishable by 10 days Jail, $1000+ fines, 1 Year Mandatory Ig

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In AZ 1 gulp of NYQUIL an then Driving Punishable by 10 days Jail, $1000+ fines, 1 Year Mandatory Ignition Interlock, an 90 Day license Suspension... this is the power that Law Enforment in AZ now have...there is no more DUI... zero consumption/zero tolerance!!! ARIZONA’S DRUNK DRIVING LAWS There are basically three drunk driving crimes in Arizona. First, it is a crime in Arizona to operate or be in physical control of a motor vehicle [including water craft] while under the influence of alcohol or drugs [even drugs prescribed by a doctor]. It is not required that you be proven to be actually "drunk" to be convicted. "Under the influence" means that the suspect was “impaired in the slightest degree". The focus of this offense is whether at the time of operation or actual physical control of the vehicle was the operator impaired. [link to] Look at the graph partially down the page for punishment breakdown. .0

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Comment by tittiger
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Those of us with a brain knew exactly where this was going from the beginning.

These damned laws have been on the books for 20 years. Are there people out there that did not know that they eventually would be enforced?


Comment by stupidamerkin
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"When armed force compels compliance with mythical laws and money is demanded for its violation, power will corrupt and greed will never be satisfied."

Richard L Koenig

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