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Cataracts, hips, knees and tonsils: NHS begins rationing operations

• Daily Telegraph

Hip replacements, cataract surgery and tonsil removal are among operations now being rationed in a bid to save the NHS money.

Two-thirds of health trusts in England are rationing treatments for "non-urgent" conditions as part of the drive to reduce costs in the NHS by £20bn over the next four years. One in three primary-care trusts (PCTs) has expanded the list of procedures it will restrict funding to in the past 12 months.


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Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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I'm waiting for some right-winger to blame it on Socialism.  No, it's because England instituted severe austerity measures due to the financial meltdown.   And as politicians here slash and burn state and federal budgets, and the unemployment rate keeps going up, you'll see more Americans go without medical treatment, food, housing, and heat.  And then, just as in England and Greece, you'll see mobs in the streets.

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