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Judge Judy - Here's Who You Support With Taxes

• - Judge Judy speaks out on where our tax dollars go in this case of Duane Brooks, Jr. who is scamming the government with all of his stipends, subsidies and assistance - and using none of it for what it was intended for.

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Comment by Kevin Mccauley
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 I say shoot the emmer effer and the judges too

freakin rediculous......

yeah thats government buying votes from moronic self centered a$$wipes.

 man oh man  so much for being civil


Comment by Joe Tittiger
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No wonder Judy is pissed. 

He is acting suspiciously  close to the way government acts....  and they don't like the competition.

Comment by Larken Rose
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Sorry to be a party-pooper, but "Judge" Judy is an absolute freaking hypocrite. First of all, judges are paid with money stolen from me--and it's a lot more than $72,000 every two years--that I don't want to pay. (Maybe the "judge" now just gets money from doing the show; I don't know.) More importantly, if this self-righteous "judge" had a tax case (never mind the jurisdiction issue), she would be first to condemn someone as a criminal for not handing over money to the politicians, TO BE USED FOR THIS. Yeah, the guy is a creep for accepting stolen property. But those who do the actual stealing, INCLUDING all "government" "judges," are one step worse. When "Judge" Judy returns all the stolen money she's received in her career, then she can righteously insist that this parasite give his stolen loot back. Until then, it's pure hypocrisy.