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Second Video Emerges From Fullerton Beating; One-Eyed Cop ID'd As Main Culprit

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Nearly a month after six Fullerton police officers viciously beat a homeless schizophrenic man named Kelly Thomas to death, information is still only trickling out.

But there is at least one video from a city-owned surveillance camera as well as a second video from a witness that may have been confiscated by police that have yet to emerge.


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Comment by David Jackson
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   This crap is never going to stop until cops are trained enforce laws and protect the public, instead of living out their petty and pious biases, and bullying the hell out of anyone they have a mind to.

   We now know that being homeless or somehow mentally impaired is a "capital offense" in the land of the free and home of the slave. It doesn't matter to a dead man who killed him; but , it should matter to every one of us they forgot to murder.

   I've known people who've lost an eye and don't know that any of them even entertained the notion of their loss as an excuse for "legalized murder" of a fellow human being. Without any extensive psychiatric training, I can only rely on conjecture when I opine that the loss of an eye isn't thought to be directly causal relative to the loss of intelligence, humanity, common sense, or the most elementary of social skills. As for the "other cops", if they allowed or participated, they are just as guilt of premeditated murder as the freak who inflicted the fatal blow(s). When are we all going to wake up and demand accountability. The chief is guilty; at least one command officer is guilty; one or more training officers are culpable; every officer who was present and didn't stop the murder is guilty; and, if the mayor, city council, city or county prosecutor, state police, and governor - not to mention the U.S. Attorney General and FBI - are all guilty of malfeasance.

   I'd ask, again, where the self-agrandizing, smarmy, social parasites of the ACLU are?

   I'd be more than interested to know why this isn't the lead story at every major national news broadcast and in every "real" newspaper in the country.

   This poor guy could just as easily have been you, me, your brother, your father, your son, or your mother.

   I haven't been surprised at the on-going, arbitrary violence that is committed by the ill-trained misfits who make up the majority of law enforcement, here, at the end of civilization. For the last twenty-plus years of my life, my students have thought me crazy, most of those who used to be friends have accused me of everything but rational thought, and I've grown very weary and extremely saddened by the institutionalizing and militarizing of uncontrolled, ethically challenged, inept, politically motivated  and sanctioned abuse by law enforcement and the entire "criminal justice" system.

   We are all at severe and escalating risk of being abused, at best, and murdered, at worst by the an organized criminal enterprise that swears to "serve and protect" but systematically violates every right, law and liberty with impunity. (Be aware; be very aware!)

   It's of now value to those of our fellows who have been jailed, financially ruined, beaten, murdered on the streets or in their homes, or falsely murdered by the "state" through some death penalty rationalization; but, I'd remind anyone who is at all interested in law, justice, freedom, and the right to any of them that :  There is no greater tyranny than unjust law(s)...Except to be physically, mentally, culturally, or financially abused by such laws, before during, and after they are (en)forced.


Comment by stupidamerkin
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 50 people watching this insanity and DID nothing?????


He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

What the friggin hell is wrong with people?  and it's still business as usual.

The time has come people to lock and load. It has gotten out of control

Anarchapulco June 2024