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U.S. Widens Role in Battle Against Mexican Drug Cartels

• NY Times
....In recent weeks, small numbers of C.I.A. operatives and American civilian military employees have been posted at a Mexican military base.... Officials are also looking into embedding a team of American contractors inside a specially vetted Mexican counternarcotics police unit....
Officials on both sides of the border say the new efforts have been devised to get around Mexican laws that prohibit foreign military and police from operating on its soil, and to prevent advanced American surveillance technology from falling under the control of Mexican security agencies with long histories of corruption.  ....

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Comment by David Jackson
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   Here's how we should handle the Mexican cartels: Stop them at the borders. If they are found anywhere wtihin the U.S., they should be turned into dog food. If the Mexicans don't want to defend themselves, fine. Cartels should be treated as terrorists and enemies of the U.S., as should anyone who in any way supports their efforts to subvert U.S. sovereignty.

   At the same time, ALL street gangs should be considered terrorists and dealt with in like manner. (There would be next to no cartel activity within U.S. borders, but for the continued activities of gangs.)

   We don't need a single agent - CIA or otherwise - in Mexico. They are our sworn enemy and should be known and treated as such. It's time to stop putting our agents and others in harms way for petty politics and the benefit of carpetbagging U.S. companies. If Mexico wants to climb out of the Turd World, let them do so. They serve no useful purpose in whatever is left of a "free world". All they ever do is clamour for American aid, and abuse our assistance at every turn.

   The cartels are successful because the U.S. is a fertile market for drugs. Legalize the damn drugs and most of the "drug problems" will disappear. (The majority of fools who initiated the phony "drug war" and its policies are dead or dying; it's time to stop pandering to their pious and politically motivated stupidity and social engineering. The people who inhabit the lunatic management of America's drug policy should be made to shut up and get real work!)

   For the economically inclined: The savings that would accrue from clearing the jails of  "kids who smoke weed or snort Kool Aid" would go a long way toward reducing the "debt"; the billions that are spent on dangerous and largely worthless intervention would be put into some other worthless program(s); and, the draconian abuses of the lives and liberties of our citizens might just be turned back to rights and freedoms of a free people. We might save considerable money on the needless loss of life that is common to drug war turf disputes, among innocents and the cops who are sacrificed for nothing. How much might it be supposed could be "made" through licensing and taxation, related to legalized control and sale of various drugs? (By way of a simple, "Get off my back you smarmy self-righteous parasite", though I don't use drugs, I'm just a little bit beyond pissed at the second-rate elitists who think they know more about how I should live than I do. As an adult, whatever I want to do with my life and my body is my business...Period! As long as I don't interfere with or endanger the lives of others, it is nobody's business what I do to myself or with myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)