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Alex Jones: Rick Perry is as Evil and Duplicitous as They Get

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Comment by Anonymous
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Welcome! Come and join this early gang of mud-throwers … I mean join the mob of stealth and filth! It promises to be the dirtiest election ever!


Comment by David Jackson
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   I wouldn't be at all surprised if Perry hears a whole bunch of voices; however, the one I'd bet on would be his own.

   It's doubtful that Perry is any more "evil" than any other social parasite. Unlike many, he isn't without shame and seems to relish the co-opting of religion for his own gain - not that he is alone in this.

    It should be his undoing, but it's doubtful, considering the human animal's tendency toward mythology, superstition, and hope - the last refuge of despair and failure, in times of fear, uncertainty, and mass ignorance. That the video vicars have been able to hoodwink and fleece so many for so many years is an indication that Perry might actually be able to con his way into a nomination; or, Great Pumpkin forbid, the White House.

    Duplicitous? He woouldn't be a politician of any stature, whatsoever, without it!

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