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Long Beach Police Trained To Detain Photogs Not Producing Photos of "Esthetic Value"

• Photography Is Not a Crime
it’s a little discomforting when he hear the Long Beach (California) Police Chief acknowledging that his officers are trained to detain photographers who are taking pictures “with no apparent esthetic value,” according to the Long Beach Post.

But it’s not surprising.


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Comment by David Jackson
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    Why don't they just detain EVERYONE with a camera? Afterall, they might just take a picture of a naval vessel at it's moorings or, horror of horrors, a  Marine Corps silent drill exhibition, or their son at the gate to the base where he just graduated boot camp. KMA!

     Most cops can't find their --- with both hands, let alone make a valid subjective determination of what a person finds interesting or worthy of inclusion in their vacation portfolio. Even if they were trained photojournalists, IT'S NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS! (Are they developing the film in the trunks of their cruisers?)

     This is why government is always making noises about "public safety"...It's smoke and mirrors and slight of mind, to give them some level of legitimacy as they intrude further and further into the lives of citizens, and manipulate and abuse the most basic of civil rights and liberties. It's a sick, pervasive, joke on the American people.

     All this is a basic and identifiable extension of the obvious POLICE STATE that has been expanding in our country since George Washington was President. Though it almost disappeared when John Adams - a man of honor and integrity - entered the White House, it returned, with a vengence, with President Thomas Jefferson and has grown evermore repressive. (Make note, if you care to reseach it, that throughout the history of the United States, every single time the government has clamoured for more laws or regulations to "defend against threats", particularly those from foreign interests, the only folks who are "regulated" are the citizens of the U.S...By regulated, I mean to say that they have more and more of their rights and liberties revoked or marginalized (severely co-opted by authorities) and replaced by some form or other of draconian legal pretense. The purpose is always to take away rights and return them as privileges (usually, for a fee and registration), or to more closely and strictly control the existence of all every SUBJECT, from the womb to the tomb.

     Not to in any way make light of the ludicrous nature of "American" subjugation and enslavement of millions of people throughout the last 500 years, but we are fast approaching a new slave culture. Up to now, we've been allowed to willingly pay our way into subjugation. By the time it's over, we'll have reverted to the not-so-glorious past, becoming the new "land of the free, home of the slave"!