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No arrests 3 months after murder by SWAT

• Arizona Daily Star
No arrests have been made in the three months since Jose Guerena was killed by a SWAT team during a raid of his home that officials said was part of a complex drug-trafficking investigation involving numerous people.

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Comment by David Jackson
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    This former Marine was murdered by the cops! Plain and simple.

     The governor has sanctioned the murder. The sheriff has joined her. The state's Attorney General and state "police" are on-board and, apparently, so are the sould-sucking ACLU, FBI, and U.S. Attorney General.

     This is a preview of things coming to your neighborhood! Watch this, so you'll know it when you see it. Those who know me will surely see where this young Marine placed on the "social continuum" that I ascribe to many in "law enforcement". For the uninitiated, the continuum goes as such: #1 is cops; #2 is cop's families, and, #3 is assholes; the Marine didn't make the 1-2 cut.

     What might your status be?