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Hackers Expose San Francisco Subway Police Data

• David Kravets via

No one is claiming immediate responsibility for Wednesday’s hacking of the BART Police Officers Association’s website and publicizing personal information of union members who patrol the San Francisco region’s subway.

The hack exposed 100 names, addresses and passwords of union members. The union represents officers who were the subject of several protests following the July 3 shooting of a knife-wielding man. And BART — the agency who union members police — received national attention in recent days when it became the first government agency in the United States to disable mobile-internet and phone service to quell a protest.
 In retaliation for disabling the phone service, the hacking collective Anonymous had hacked BART’s site days ago, and exposed personal information of more than 2,000 riders. But nobody is claiming direct responsibility for the latest hack, in which the union information was posted on Pastebin earlier in the day.

“The leak today of BART officer data could be the work sanctioned by those who truly support Anonymous, or agent provocateurs. Stay skeptical,” the group tweeted.


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