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The New Rules of College Sex

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How the federal government and a Malvern lawyer are rewriting the rules on campus hookups—and tagging young men as dangerous predators 

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Comment by David Jackson
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   The article was "incomplete". However, the whole thing was a total load!

    Women can and do commit rape and unwanted sexual contact - though not as often as one might believe. Rape is rape. Sexual abuse is not necessarily rape.

    There are females who think it's great fun to "screw with a guy's bigger head". They get kicks from power-tripping the smuck. They are the female equivalent of punks and assholes, no different than the slugs that go around abusing females. (If the female initistes sexual contact, so be it. If she says, No, then it's no, even of she's just screwin' around. That's life, guys. If she doesn't want you, live with it...It's very doubtful that anyone else does, either!

   As for females who are prick teasers, theyu've been around forever. Here's the deal: get a girlfriend. Find someone you really like, who likes you. Come to a mutual understanding about sex and get on with it. The "Sex Police" are everywhere. All it takes is some bimbo who gets mad at you, and you are fried! The tyranny of ignorance will get you jailed. Get used to it; this is just one more example of all of us being abused and controlled by a bunch of mindless morons, who make their way in the world telling others how to live, in their image, of course.

   Unwanted sexual contact is abuse. Maybe it's time some gutsy male brought one of these loosers up on charges.

   Until the social engineering slobs of the world all follow eahc other off a cliff, don't expect reason or rational to play any part in what's left of the social revolution. (For my money, that revolution is over, and the fools won.)