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Obama and The Gang of 12: The World's Largest Slave Auction

Back in 2002 Congress gave away their oversight and war powers to the Executive; which was and still is illegal. Now congress and this resident of the Oval Office have decided to consolidate the powers of the congress into a SUPER-COMMITTEE of twelve people, plus the dictator; who shall jointly decide for the people of the United States (without any input from any citizen), exactly what programs will be cut and which programs shall be created in the name of the people of the United States. In effect this would also set precedent for disallowing the public to have anything to say ever about what laws are passed and what monies are to be given to which body within the government: And all of this will be done without any voice being present to represent those who are going to pay for everything they decide to do! Everything that this government does, from now on will be on the table; before this SUPER-CONGRESS only; and none of the current rules either in the House of Representatives or the Senate shall apply to whatever these twelve TRAITORS (who will be replacing the entire congress) decide to do, basically for themselves and those backers that they each represent! But the government cannot have this both ways. Either they create this SUPER CONGRESS and shut down forever both the House of Representatives and the US Senate (because this act will make them completely unnecessary); or we must force congress to drop this TREASON of the SUPER-CONGRESS, which they euphemistically call the Super Committee. The day this gets decided is the day that Americans will know whether we still have a country or that we have officially become a totally-controlled dictatorship that is currently running this place as a POLICE-STATE.

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Comment by James Eldridge
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I can do what is suggested and stay home for a whole week, buy nothing, not answer my phone. One other thing I can do is not allow the guy coming Tuesday to put in that new Smart Meter. I didn't want it, I read up about it and I was the only one in the neighborhood to tell the electric guy to go f himself. He got all upset and told me I would have to get solar if I didn't take it. Just maybe this is the last straw to break the camels back and get this unrest going on throughout the entire nation. There will be hardships if people are to stop this from going to (their) intended finish. The amount of people that know anything about this is 1 out of 100,000. Try talking to your neighbors about any of these things and they will do what mine of done. That is call me a freak and deny that these things are ever going to happen. When the SHTF, they will not be the ones I will be helping with those things I have set aside for this day. Most likely those people will be informing the thought police about me as a terrorist in their neighborhood and out I will be going. I sure wish I knew just one person as a friend that knows these things. It is so very difficult to be the only one standing in front of this wave of hell to be unleashed.

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