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Charlie Chaplin's Time Traveller

• arclein
he woman is convincingly speaking into a cell phone circa from now on into our immediate future. I can imagine no other object from 1928 that a person would hold up to their head in that manner. Even the body language is right. It certainly was no hoax of the time which is not plausible anyway and the woman did turn into the camera on noticing it. All of which speaks to the authenticity of this snippet. Thirty years ago we would not have understood what is apparent here.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Hey, this is the movies!

Back in the 1920s, people probably weren't as intrigued with science fiction as we are today. But if they were, the movie industry didn't know it for a fact. So they had to test the waters with SF shorts, before they spent a lot of money on SF.

The makers of this short clip would be rolling around in their graves with laughter at how gullible people of the next century would be. And they would be mad as heck that somebody else was using their stuff to make money off that gullibility.

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