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Indiana Man Arrested After Photographing Traffic Accident

• Photography Is Not a Crime

All John Fearing wanted was test out his new camera when he decided to photograph a traffic accident a couple of blocks from his Indiana home last July.

It ended up getting him arrested.

Although the above video clearly shows he was not breaking the law, the judge denied his motion to dismiss the case.


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Comment by David Jackson
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      As someone who is, sadly, 'stuck" in Indiana for the near future, I'd simply say to the "photographer", 'When you play with turds you get s--- on you.' You were in Indiana: the back-ass of civilization. I don't know much about richmond, but I know more than I want to about PUNK ASSHOLES with guns, badges, and faulty intellects. If ever there was a "region" that would or could produce the limpest of the limp, when so-called "law enforcement" is at issue, it is most certainly that sinkhole of humanity that calls itself "Hoosiers". I've lived in a whole lot of places in the world, but never anywhere quit as backward and collectively full of s--- as Indiana. (It is depressing to spend time around these people. I've never been anywhere where people speed up if someone steps into a crosswalk or pulls into traffic in front of the - except Indiana. The hands-down worse drivers are cops, who never signal, speed as though it was an entitlement, and tailgate for unknown reasons. I can't prove it, but I'm convinced that there is nowhere on earth where so many people are so stupid, ignorant, and self-absorbed, and so proud of it, as in Indiana. There isn't a single redeeming quality anywhere to be found, let alone in the Indiana criminal justice community. If there is anyplace that can be counted on for scraping the bottom of the barrel of life, Indiana is it. If I had more time, I'd tell you what I really feel...If this wasn't a family site.)