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And What Happens to the Perpetrators of These Crimes? Nothing. They Have Immunity.

• Lew Rockwell
Nearly every day, we read about new exonerations of people wrongfully convicted of crimes, and in almost all of those cases, the main reason for the wrongful conviction was prosecutorial misconduct. Two exonerations in Texas and California highlight the role of prosecutors who wanted convictions more than they wanted the truth. 

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Comment by David Jackson
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      So much for a fair and honorable trial by a jury of your peers, huh? What a crock!

       If you believe that you can get a fair shake in an ego-driven, bias-oriented, adversarial criminal justice legal system, you're dumber than dirt. and, if you might imagine, even for an instant, that if you are innocent, you'll be dealt with in a fair and reasonable manner, consider this:  !) If you are innocent and are tried, THE SYSTEM HAS FAILED, regardless of the verdict! You should never have been arrested. The real criminal is hardly apt to be caught. the PROSECUTION IS SI BEREFT OF ABILITY AND ANY FORM OF COMPETENCE as to be a sick joke, under any conditions. And, the JUDGE WHO ALLOWED THE TRIAL is a total incompetent. If you go to jail and are released at a latter date, your reputation and life have likely been trashed. WHO DO ANY OF US SEE ABOUT THIS!

     If you or I did anything even resembling this s---, we'd be in jail or in civil court, at the very least. The powers have seen to it that they can screw anyone, anyway and get off without so much as a smack on the wrist. No wonder there are so many losers and criminals working in the halls of "justice"!  

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