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Automakers embrace hands-free text-messaging technology

• Washington Post
Two and a half years into the crusade against distracted driving, automakers are equipping vehicles with new technology that might circumvent the 34 state laws that prohibit text messaging behind the wheel, which 95 percent of Americans say is dangerous.

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Comment by David Jackson
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 Wounderful! People can't drive, even the simplest of machines. Now, the automakers are doing whatever they can to distract the mental midgets who threaten the lives of millions on the nation's roadways, daily, by offering even more "interior designs" to facilitate the carnage. (Hell, they aren't even trying to hide the fact that they are making an attempt to circumvent the law...Kiss us all, later, I guess.)

  They can't build cars. They carpetbag their way into Mexico and Canada, to make up for the shortfall in their profit margins. And, to top it off, they openly "engineer the crap they build to make it easier for the practicing sociopaths who people the American highways to "excuse" their" abuse, impotence, and utter disrespect for their fellow drivers, by adding more gadgetry to the overpriced "technomobiles" that they cram up our a---- each year. So, we bailed out the largest group of  corporate losers in the country's history, to enable them to build better "coffins' and battering rams?