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Foment OWS Terror, Open Camps?


Free-Market Analysis: As dedicated analysts of elite dominant social themes, we've been following the recent protests that started on Wall Street and have now spread around the world. We have long since come to the conclusion they have been fomented in support of a larger elite dominant social theme: Wall Street bad; lawyers good.

But perhaps there is a much darker side to what's going on. It is pretty much an established fact by now that the current round of protests was a product of the leftist Adbusters magazine, which is funded by elite enablers like George Soros.

We have pointed out that the protests are intended to move attention away from the proximate cause of modern financial disasters (central banks printing money-from-nothing) to "Wall Street" and Goldman Sachs and other facilities that promote Anglosphere elite goals but are not in charge of the larger conspiracy.

The conspiracy to run the world seems to emanate from a small group of banking families that control central banks along with their associates and enablers. This group – a cartel or mafia with religious and cultural homogeneity – creates war and chaos in order to build their longed-for new world order.

The current protests are likely part of the chaos that apparently is being willfully created by this power elite. The protests are the outgrowth of the larger chaos and the unrolling Great Recession, which is providing the proximate cause for the current European roll-up of "Merkozy."

The idea is that economic stress gives rise to protests that in turn justify wars and authoritarian crackdowns. We can see in the excerpt above from Higgins's blog that OWS has apparently been classified as a terrorist organization now in the City of London. He even produces a memo on his site to support his contention.

Likewise, Alex Jones's websites recently produced what is claimed to be an Obama administration operative memorandum authorizing the opening of various FEMA prison-camp sites throughout the US. The camp sites have never, apparently, been fully confirmed by the US government, though it is true that the Bush Administration did authorize Halliburton to build various detention facilities in the mid-2000s.

Additionally, legal cover for the roundup of "terrorists" – anybody that the US government wants to define as one – is being provided by congressional legislation that allows for military arrests, detention and even torture without trial. We covered that here: NDAA, Smell of Fear.


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