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Indefinite military detention for U.S. citizens now discussed in secret committee

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With the House having voted 406-17 to “close” portions of the meetings and avoid public scrutiny, members from both chambers and both parties are meeting in a secretive conference committee to work on reconciling the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill. 

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Comment by Temper Bay
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This is not a question of 'civil rights' - it is TYRANNY - and with tyranny you simply have two choices - kneel to your masters - or send them to Hell.

Comment by James17
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Question: Will enough Americans fight off this total takeover if it means that they could die in the process? Not an easy question when we sit behind our PC and make our comments in the comfort of our homes. One way to find out the answer to that question is to walk through your own neighborhood and talk about this S 1867 with those living around you. If it is anything like where I live, no one knows what your talking about. And if you should explain it to them, I expect that they will want to allow someone else to do the fighting and dying for them. There may be a 99% of us that this will affect, but narrow, that down to a 1% that know and the other 98% that are going to do nothing as we have seen with all of the other things passed against us through the half dozen other passed administrations.

Comment by David Jackson
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      Perhaps someone should advise the slugs in Washington on the BIGGEST SECRET OF ALL - the Constitution of the United States!

       Except for the security-related plans of in-field military units, there isn't anything that the pretensious assholes in Congress need to do in secret - except, perhaps, the things they do illegally.

Comment by McElchap
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Every member of Congress, in both houses, should be tried for TREASON! Not to forget the violation of their oaths of office vowing to support and defend the US Constitution, which includes our Bill of Rights. Thanks to S. 1867 passing, we now live in a totalitarian fascist state that makes no pretense of upholding truth, justice, or liberty in a free society where dissent is part of the political process. In fact, S. 1867 eliminates all "Due Process" and means heavily armed soldiers can simply make you disappear at any time with no recourse! Why are Americans tolerating this? Let's ring the LIBERTY ALARM BELLS! 

Comment by Dave Hodges
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 This is the final straw.  The American government has been hijacked by the mega banks seeking to install a system of abject tyranny. Through S. 1867, the American government has declared war on the American people.  This is no longer my government. I live as a refugee inside of what used to be a Constitutional Republic. There is nowhere to run, there is nowhere to hide. If we flee this tyranny, like some runaway slave, just like Dred Scott, we will be brought back into this system of global tryanny and ultimately Eugenics. Since America cannot seem to get that fat butts off the couch and take a stand against this generation's version of the Nazi's, it is every man for himself. The readers would be well advised to familarize themselves with the KBR memo which staffs the FEMA camps and then read the ads for 100,000 new intern specialists.  Are you going to board the Wackenhut, Halliburton, KBR, FEMA busses when they come for you?  Are you going to  allow your family to be separated into different camps as the government documents indicate.  I choose to die on my feet resisting these globalist psychopaths.