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Ron Paul Rising: On "Meet The Press" AGAIN - Sunday Morning!

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I cannot believe this.. Paul is back on NBC's Meet The Press with David Gregory. They are taking him serious now...

He is FRONT PAGE and headline here:

FYI: "Meet the Press is the highest-rated of the American television Sunday morning talk shows."


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Comment by PureTrust
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If we went back on the gold standard, and if the U.S. Treasury took over the money system, and if Government got completely out of the economic program with regard to people - no more taxes, no more Gov subsidies, no more welfare, no more money interference - and it all happened today - exactly right now - things would be rough on the people. That's NOT how Ron Paul would do it. He would do it in ways that would protect the lives of the people.

The alternative is what will happen if we continue on as we are now. The money system and Government will implode! All the bad things that can happen to the people, will happen to them.

Let's do it the right way... the way that won't hurt the people. Elect Ron Paul 2012!

Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
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What??? If Ron Paul becomes president, he will amend the Law of Supply and Demand? His practical Austrian street economics is superior than that of Dr. Bernanke who holds a Ph.D. in Economics. Let’s make him president in 2012, why not. I agree with his rabid supporters who believe that he will become the only president with a lot of self-amendments to make. Like those supporters from the bayou who need a lot of booze to turn themselves into highly spirited economic specialists!


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