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The most powerful force in the world

We’ve spent a wonderful weekend at the farm in Chile watching the harvest of our latest blueberry crop. As I write this, there are 52-workers walking up and down the rows of trees picking fruit… and it’s quite an interesting business.

Blueberry trees mature and hit their full production after around 7-years, at which point a single acre can yield around 2,500 kilograms.  We have over 15-acres and are expecting a harvest of around 40,000 kilos– this is by far our smallest crop, but it’s the first one up for harvest.

The global blueberry price is fairly strong at the moment; like any agricultural commodity, it rises and falls based on supply and demand. Chile’s export-quality blueberries are fetching around $4 per kilogram right now, which is a very solid price given what goes in to the cultivation.

But there’s a unique opportunity in the market.


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