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VIDEO: Now Internet Reformation Demands Tesla's Research on Limitless Energy

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Nikola Tesla's primary investor, J.P. Morgan, thought he was investing in the world's first radio tower, but unknown to him, that was only one of its purposes and capabilities. The project was known as Wardenclyffe. –

Dominant Social Theme: Who is this guy Tesla and why should we care ... hey, isn't that Lady Gaga?

Free-Market Analysis: Is the American bureaucracy holding deep insights and papers of Nikola Tesla? That's the argument this video (below) is making. The makers of the video advocate a day of protest demanding the release of Nikola Tesla's research to take place on Jan. 7, 2012.

January 7th 2012 is the anniversary of the death of Nikola Tesla, "one of history's most brilliant scientists ... The Energy Crisis is a lie, the problem was solved 100 years ago by a scientist named Nikola Tesla. He had discovered a way to harness the naturally occurring electricity from the ionosphere, and then in turn rebroadcast it to individual relay stations that could be placed anywhere and were no larger then your average car antenna."

We've read about this before, but the reality of what Tesla may have discovered seems to be becoming more widespread. And now it is sparking protests. Here's something we almost guarantee: If there is something to Tesla's invention, it will eventually be realized.

The 21st century is not the 20th. The Internet is not an episode. It is a process. That's what the powers-that-be still don't understand. They keep thinking, in our view, that if they just manipulate enough people, or even kill them or put them in jail, that the problems that the Internet era is causing them will go away. "No man, no problem," Stalin famously said. Lucky for him, he didn't live in the 21st century!

No doubt, those who have an interest in such things, felt that when the FBI confiscated Tesla's private papers after his death, the problems that Tesla had caused to them in terms of societal and cultural control were safely handled. Only they were not.

Today, thanks to what we call the Internet Reformation, the interest in Nikola Tesla and his repressed inventions is swelling. Just as the Gutenberg Press sparked a resurgence of scientific thought (in which such luminaries as Da Vinci rediscovered Greek logic) so the Internet is allowing people to reexamine the repressed and hidden knowledge of 20th century.

It was in the 20th century that the Anglosphere power elite reached its apex as regards control of the media. It was in the 20th century that "directed" history was most prevalent. The powers-that-be were able to create an entire narrative as they chose, and they did.

The idea was simple. The power elite wanted to create a formal world government and everything that happened in the 20th century was focused on that goal. War, economic depressions and sociopolitical maneuvers were all intended to create an "ever-closer union."

The proximate cause of this evolving "new world order" was the dominant social theme, the (often) fear-based promotions that the elites used to frighten middles classes into giving up wealth and power to international institutions.

One of these promotions (sub-promotions, actually) involved Tesla himself and Thomas Edison. It had to do with Telsa's apparent understanding of fundamental secrets regarding energy. He saw far deeper than Edison did, but Edison was the more clever, aggressive and pliable businessman.

Thus, the great Western financiers of the time such as JP Morgan chose to do business with him. Edison understood the fundamental reality of his time as Tesla did not: Everything would have to be metered. Limitless energy didn't fit into Morgan's plans. Not a bit.

Was Tesla really the great thinker that the Internet is making him out to be? Well ... we don't know yet. It's hard to find out because J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI apparently had his papers confiscated after his death, or so this video informs us.


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Comment by Ed Price
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Many of us believe that HAARP is given too much credit for some of the things that happen around the world. Some of us believe that Government is allowing and encouraging this view of HAARP just to protect themselves from what would happen if the public ever found out how easy it really is to build some of Tesla's marvelous machines, machines that they (Government) are using right now, often in violent ways against the people of the world, to bring the whole world under their dominion.

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