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Paroled American Berenson leaves Peru

• FRANK BAJAK, Associated Press

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Paroled American Lori Berenson, who stirred international controversy after being convicted of aiding Peruvian guerrillas, was on her way back to the United States late Monday night for her first visit back home since Peruvian authorities arrested her in 1995.

The 42-year-old boarded a Continental Airlines flight at Lima's main airport under intense media scrutiny, as many in Peru wonder whether she will return to the country by the court-ordered deadline of Jan. 11.

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Comment by Mike Renzulli
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From the article:

"Lori Berenson admitted helping the Tupac Amaru (i.e. "Shining Path") rebel group rent a safe house where authorities seized a cache of weapons after a shootout with the rebels. She insists she didn't know guns were stored there and says she never joined the group."

This woman admits to helping a knowingly violent, Maoist/communist insurgency group who killed hundreds (if not thousands of Peruvians) but claims not to know they were storing arms in her home?! Oh come on! Her excuse reminds me of Ron Paul's lie .... er .... claim that he didn't know about the racist and anti-gay comments in the newsletters published in his name for five years. This lady is a collaborator and a LIAR! I hope she gets extradited back to Peru and spends time in jail for a long time.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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"In 1996, a military court of hooded judges convicted Berenson of treason and sentenced her to life in prison. After U.S. pressure, she was retried by a civilian court. [Hmm, I wonder if Peru will do the same for the U.S.?]"

That is delicious irony isn't it?  Of course, 15 years ago whom but a Lincoln scholar would have thought military tribunals would be trying Americans in the 21st Century?