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No-glasses 3-D technology to showcase at CES 2012

Stream TV Networks plans to introduce a line of products that feature 3-D viewing without glasses. What’s so special about its announcement, on top of scores of 3-D-without-glasses announcements? The company says it has special technology in the name of Ultra-D, which can do nothing less than shift the way people will view media, according to its CEO. 
Ultra- D is the company’s display technology that can carry out realtime conversion of 2-D to 3-D without necessitating the use of special glasses for viewing. What’s more, the technology enables the realtime conversion of 3-D content with glasses to 3-D content without glasses.

The company’s press announcement describes this approach as autostereoscopic 3-D imagery. The company’s Ultra-D is dependent upon custom hardware, middleware techniques and software algorithms to give viewers the instant conversions.

The company says Ultra-D works with Blu-ray, DVD, PC gaming, Internet, cable and satellite content.

The technology allows users the freedom to customize the 3-D effect as well. This will address, the company says, individual differences in spatial perception and reactions in eye comfort.

Complaints about 3-D eye strain and a general reluctance toward wearing special glasses for home viewing appear to be proactively addressed by the company, eager to accent the positive about 3-D’s future.

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