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Watch the Vote 2012 - Iowa Caucus (Publisher Recommended)

(Publisher: Bottomline?... If "They/Them/Those" (those that will not leave us alone) can steal this caucus from Ron Paul's supporters... THEY WILL! - This project is a simple method to help prevent the fraud)

Urgent Notice! Watch the Vote 2012 - Iowa Caucus from your computer!

Uploaded by on Dec 23, 2011 (CRITICAL READ DESCRIPTION!!!) Hear Ron Paul on this short video ask us to help Watch the Vote -- and then volunteer to help Watch the Iowa Caucus vote at our facebook page.

There we can help YOU help us watch the vote as Ron Paul asked us all to do -- Watch the Vote in the Iowa Caucus 2012 for Ron Paul and Everybody Else!

Folks, please focus on doing 1 (or 2) of these 3 actions: 1) Spread the word to watch this video and read the description below the video - anyway you can; 2) volunteer to be a "Watch the Vote" County Leader on our Facebook Page (see above in this description); OR - 3) volunteer to be a Vote Monitor in Iowa on Caucus night if you are an Iowan - or can drive into Iowa for the Caucus. - See Job description for both tasks at top of - or in document section at top of our facebook page.

The R3volution needs you now! We need at least 1 activist for each precinct (1784 total) at every caucus site on January 3, 2012, to document and eye-witness the results. These can be Iowans who are voting at a local caucus, OR out-of-staters who can drive into Iowa that night and witness the results as a Reporter for (you have the same rights as a New York Times Reporter to observe a public caucus).

Ideally you need is a camera, cell phone camera, or video camera and to hang out at your precinct for approximately 30 min to one hour after the caucus is over. -- As the final count is announced take a clear high resolution photo of the results, IF YOU CAN. -- (If no camera, eye-witness the results, write them down, and send the results as explained below.)

Then send the results you witness to these places:

1. post it on our "WatchTheVote2012" Facebook page

2. Contact Your assigned "Watch The Vote 2012" county leader (find that on under the videos) -- hopefully you will have made contact with your assigned County Leader BEFORE the night of the Caucus, -- AND

3. send the results and a picture of the tally sheet if you have one -- to as a back up.

Here's the form in which the results must be posted:

with your exact caucus location which includes:

precinct name AND physical address where your caucus is meeting -- which can be found here:

(example for how to identify your precinct:)
South Central Calhoun Middle School
Precinct Name: Butler Williams
Precinct Code: BUWM (not absolutely necessary)
1000 W. Tonawanda Avenue
Rockwell City, IA 50579

Then, again, post a picture of the tally sheet (if you have one) on our Facebook page in the photo section with the complete description
(see above) -- and post a comment with the results you witnessed at your precinct, as well as what caucus you were at (example above) in the comments at our Facebook Page.

-- Again, if you don't have a camera, -- at least upload the results in written form that you eye-witnessed, and identify at least by email who you are. WE MAY NEED AFFIDAVITS AT SOME POINT, if they try to cheat. The reason for the duplication to - That way, if anyone messes with our faceback page -- we have "backed-up" your efforts by also recording it at / which will post on -- and also you are "backing up" your efforts by also contacting your "WatchTheVote2012" County Leader, as listed at the link on below the videos.

We have all worked too hard to get this far and be in clear striking distance to get Ron Paul elected and watch all our efforts go up in smoke if WE THE PEOPLE do not keep them honest.

Do not let ANYONE and I do not care who it is tell you you cannot do this. And ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TAKE THE BALLOTS INTO A BACK ROOM TO DO THE COUNT.

No Voting Machines.
Paper Ballots.
Public Counting.
Clean Elections.

The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly defended
these principles:
" equally unquestionable that the right to
have one's vote counted is as open to protection
. . as the right to put a ballot in a box."

-- United States v. Mosley, 238 U.S. 383, 386
"Obviously included within the right to choose,
secured by the Constitution, is the right of qualified
voters within a state to cast their ballots and have
them counted . . . ."

-- United States v. Classic, 313 U.S. 299, 315
"Almost a century ago, in Yick Wo v. Hopkins,
118 U.S. 356 , the Court referred to 'the political
franchise of voting' as 'a fundamental political right,
because it is preservative of all rights. '118 U.S.,
at 370 ."
-- Reynolds v. Sims, 377 U.S. 533, 562.