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Tennessee tourist arrested for bringing pistol into 9/11 Memorial


A tourist from Tennessee waltzed into one of the most secure sites in the city — and politely asked a cop if she could check her weapon.

Instead, she was dragged out in cuffs.

Now, Meredith Graves, 39, is facing at least three years in prison for thinking New York’s gun laws are anything like those in the Bible Belt.

Graves, a fourth-year medical student, showed up at the memorial on Dec. 22 to pay her respects during a trip north for a job interview.

She didn’t realize that the loaded .32-caliber pistol in her purse would be a problem until she saw a sign at the site that read, “No guns allowed,” sources said.

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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What in God's name is happening in this country?????? THIS IS ABSOLUTE MADNESS!! There is no doubt that we have come to a NAZI GERMANY  country. This is really some scary shit. We are no longer allowed to protect our self from criminals and especially those in uniforms with guns and badges.

The time has come to get the flock out of Dodge if you can even do that any more. Facing 3 years FOR WHAT?????????? My God , have we gone mad???


“It’ is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”.