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Unarmed Black Teen Who Had Committed No Crime Was “Illogical” To Run Away From 3 Cops

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Lucy Steigerwald has an update on the beating of Jordan Miles, a case I wrote about in January. Miles was beaten nearly to death by three Pittsburgh police officers who say they mistook a bottle of Mountain Dew in Miles’ pocket for a gun. (The Mountain Dew bottle disappeared after the beating.) The cops claimed they confronted Miles because a neighbor had complained that the music student with no criminal record was skulking about her property. That neighbor denies ever making such a complaint. The cops also say Miles should have known they were cops, and say he’s responsible for his own beating for fleeing them.

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Comment by David Jackson
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      So, where are the "do-gooders"? Would they come out from under their rocks if this young man had been white? Or, are they just what they've always been:  self-serving, second-rate assholes, who only squeak when they can get something from the misery and pain of others?

      Forget "accountability", because there is none! Let's talk about BLAME! The cops are the same social misfits and mental midgets that you will find in your own neighborhood. They are racists, arrogant, poorly-trained, and prone to abuse of anyone who tends to "cross" them in their holier-than-thou crusader rabbit view of the world beyond the end of their limp dicks!

     If you believe for an instant that this brutilization and attempted murder can't happen to you or one of your children, you are a fool! This is fast becoming the norm of law enforcement's philosophical standards and practices, throughout the United States, at every federal, state, county, and local "police" entity. We are all little more than prey for these pathetic gestapo agents and government-sanctioned goons and bullies. (The hard and simple fact is that a decent and honorable human being would not commit such treacherous and vile abuses of other human beings or of the U.S. Constitution or of basic civil and human rights. Even the most despicable of thugs wouldn't commit such travesties if (s)he wasn't encouraged and allowed to do so by the people who (jokingly) refer to themselves as police chiefs, sheriffs, police commissioners, command officers, mayors, council members, attorney's general, governors, directors, congressional sh--he---, or whatever other form of self-authorization one might conjure - czar and commisar seem to fit.)

     How many of our friends and neighbors - family - have to be murdered by these goon squads before any appreciable number of us take notice?


Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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How much longer are the sheeple going to continue to let these violent criminal  sick twisted bastards with guns and badges disguised as.......disguised as what? Even the bastards who hired these thugs also need to be held accountable, but guess what folks...they all have immunity from plundering, robbing and even murdering us at any time for any reason and it will continue as business as usual. This is part of the norm in our sick society today.


“It’ is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”.

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