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Passenger Gets $1 After Excessive Cop Tasering

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A passenger who walked away from a traffic stop in Barling, Arkansas was tasered and beaten by local police. Though the force used was excessive, a federal judge ruled on December 27 that Derrol Dee Kirby III should only get $1 for his pain and suffering.

Prior to a 2010 US Supreme Court ruling (view case), some courts argued that passengers were not seized and that they could "walk away" from a traffic stop because they were not under arrest. In this case, Kirby was riding in a vehicle that allegedly ran a stop sign and had no license tags on November 8, 2005. Kirby's girlfriend, Danielle Ingram, had been driving the car and was arrested because she had what appeared to be methamphetamine in her purse. Police performed field sobriety tests and a breathalyzer test on Kirby, even though he was not driving. He was found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.04 -- under the legal limit. His mother was called to the scene so that she could take Kirby home.

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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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this is business as usual for these thugs who have a gang mentality i can recite one event of a friend he was protecting his son for unidentified cop who was nailing a woman he came out and abused a underage person the father was upset and a little drunk he made this cop take his hands off son and preceeded to woop ass on this cop the next thing other cops showed up and preceded to beat my friend they seized and erased any videos of them being thugs on said person also the copcar cameras was turned off and they preceeded to taze him 21-22 times while beating dog crap out of him they arrested son and father and let out on bail when it went to trial the man was charged with felony beating pig the cops were let off the lawyer made a sum of money and friend is a charged felon but here is a fact title 42 1983 look it up everything they own can be yours since they violated your rights
Comment by Anonymous
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No, thank you Ufactdirt. I have read almost all what have been written on this page. An opinionated Editor hostile to dissenting opinions may lose readership, but it keeps this page on fire. Besides, my dear Ufactdirt, dirty politics is not my game ... no ... thanks.  Here, you have already arrived, to clean it up, not me. I am ready to pull up my anchor, and sail away.

Comment by Ufactdirt
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Welcome to this "insane" club Pussycat. Don't leave. The more you are needed here  in order to make this page bearable to this website's reading public. Ernie might even let you assist overworked Powell Gammill to restore sanity in this too opinionated page and who knows he will even make you campaign manager next time when Ron Paul runs again for president.

Comment by Anonymous
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I just came lately to this open forum but I noticed right away that there are very angry participants making comments so disconnected to the issues that are otherwise important to the public and me. The anti-cops comments I read here are irrelevant. These are not connected to the issue -- running a stop sign -- and the resulting consequences.

I too hate cop bullies. But for cops doing a good job, I support them. When in trouble, the public needs them. Even those who hate them would dial 911.

I have just recently obtained my Ph.D. in Philosophy. This is not to brag but to stress a point: I want to use it, not just let it go to waste. But I don’t think I can stay long in this "Freedom Forum" page and just make angry and irrelevant comments. It is a sure way to losing one’s sanity.

Comment by Venancio Tan
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I praise "Brutos" for his comment – putting some sense into some people’s head, whose anger directed to traffic officers does not make sense. The culprits ran a stop sign, resisted police arrest, and your sympathy goes to those dangerous traffic violators? Are you real?

The traffic police should be congratulated for a job well done instead of calling them "nazis" and other spiteful gutter names the uneducated love to spit out.

Perhaps you would even feel much better had those creeps killed your wife, son or daughter [my neighbor’s recent misfortune who lost a child to a DUI driver] if not maimed you for life, for running a stop sign.


Comment by BrutusEctos
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Running a stop sign endangers the lives of others. The violators resisted traffic police when they were stopped and arrested. They deserved their injury if any, for resisting arrest.

But the Judge failed to consider the seriousness of their traffic violation. The druggie traffic law violator who drove the car through a stop sign shouldn’t be allowed to drive next time because she is going to injure or kill innocent people. She should be rehabilitated first before she is given back her license to drive.

The $1 award for pain and suffering given to the resisting guy who fought the police, was actually a message to potential traffic violators that they shouldn’t engage police officers in a macho confrontation when conducting arrest and hope to collect damages.

Aside from being knocked out painfully by a powerful electric punch [Taser], a jail sentence, a busted nose, a swollen face and a broken rib all for $1, is not a good business proposition.

Comment by David Jackson
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 Are you surprised? I'm not surprised!

 Who's to blame? I'd say the cops! Then, I'd say the police chief. And, then, I'd say the mayor. To finish, I'd say the judge.

 Not to put too fine a point on it, or hurt someone's feelings, but if you'll recall U.S. history, slaves never were treated very well in this country. If you don't understand that we are all barely above the status of voting slaves, you are misinformed or very obtuse.

 As for "Arkansas", I'd do what most of the people in this country do:  Do go there, for any reason!!!!! 

Comment by stupid Amerkin
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these nazis could have shot and killed this man and it would just be business as usual. $1 settlement for what these bastard nazis did behind a gun and a badge? This just goes to show you how sick, insane and contemptable these black robed devils and the dens of corruption are.