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American Massacres Have Been Common for Centuries

• by Jack D. Douglas
 For hundreds of years Americans have been committing massacres of women and children, old men and sometimes even young men, mostly unarmed or armed only with primitive weapons. The early massacres were mostly of Indians who refused to leave their lands when Americans decided it was God's will that they steal those lands for nothing or for a few trinkets. In the Civil War Sherman and Grant routinely massacred Southern civilian populations with bombardments of cities, burning homes and Atlanta [though I do not know death figures], and so on.

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Comment by PureTrust
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America hasn't been the only one doing these types of things. Virtually every large or major country in history has done it to some extent, and usually to some great extent. That's no excuse for America. Some points:

1. Much (maybe most) of the time, the individuals doing the actual torture and slaughter are not aware of the reasons behind their orders from their superiors to do so.

2. Often commanding superiors - intermediate leaders and military commanders - don't know the real reasons behind national leaders' orders for doing so.

3. At the beginning time, or formation time, of many (if not most) new nations, the reasons for forming the new nation were for mutual local protection from the slaughter being done by other nations.

4. Often national rebellions come about as a form of resistance against acts of sedition and terrorism being done by national leaders within their own nation, to citizens of their own nation.

5. Probably the major reason for nations doing "bad" things to other nations, revolves around some form of monetary gain for the aggressive nation. Often it is simply to steal property. Seldom is it done simply for the "fun" of torturing and massacring.

6. In the Revelation in the Bible, massacres done for money or property would probably be categorized with, and included with, the Babylon spoken about therein.

7. Since American leaders - especially the economic leaders of the American Federal Reserve Bank banking system - are the ones who are promoting American massacres, both without and within America, and since they are using American income tax dollars to fund their projects, it is difficult for average American citizens to resist being part of the massacres.

8. Since Americas leaders and banking leaders provide security and enjoyment for the American people in general, it is extremely difficult for the people to fight their own apparent prosperity to do what is right by correcting their leaders.

9. Probably the greatest things that the American people could do to STOP the American massacres worldwide would be to:
A. Get rid of the Federal Reserve Banking system;
B. Bring virtually all American troops home;
C. Get rid of the income tax;
D. Reduce the size of Government;
E. Take national freedom back to what it was at the beginning of the nation - early 1800s;
F. Elect Ron Paul President 2012.

Vote for Ron Paul for President 2012. If he is not on the ballot, write him in. And record the event with your cell-cam if you can get away with it.

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