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A Florida Law Gets Scrutiny After a Teenager’s Killing

• New York Times
Seven years after Florida adopted its sweeping self-defense law, the shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, has put that law at the center of an increasingly angry debate over how he was killed and whether law enforcement has the authority to charge the man who killed him. 

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Leave it to the NY Times to rush to use this shooting to say 'see how bad this self defense law is?!'   And maybe this is the excuse the Florida Co. prosecutor is using to avoid charging the shooter.  But the shooter was NOT backed into a corner, nor anywhere near his property, nor was he protecting the life of another. Nor was there a threat.  So the self defense law does not apply.

The victim was pursued for blocks and tried to get away when he was cornered and shot.  I find it interesting that the shooter who was a snitch with the neighborhood watch program and was told by the 911 dispatch operator to stop pursuing the "suspect" (victim) gets an IMMEDIATE "justified shooting" from the LEO/Co. prosecutor system.  Very interesting.  Who is this guy? 

Normally such a pass is reserved for cops and the connected.  He isn't a cop, prior cop nor union thug so he must be connected.  Or being a block watch snitch is now a LEO approved merc.

I should note I have no particular problem with watching out for your neighbor's property...but I do have a problem with calling the cops for every person9s) some busybody (with or without a shiny badge) decides doesn't belong in an "public" area.

Comment by Matt Schnackenberg
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People are stupid. This is obviously not self-defense. It is clearly murder. Case closed. 

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