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The Money Trail Behind Florida's Notorious Gun Law

•, By Andy Kroll
The money trail leading to the watershed law in Florida—the first of the 24 across the nation—traces primarily to one source: the National Rifle Association. When Gov. Bush conducted the 2005 signing ceremony, standing alongside him was Marion Hammer, a leader and familiar face from the pro-gun lobbying powerhouse.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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For whatever reason one month later we are still not privy to official initial reports that are complete.  We have Martins girlfriend's account.  We have a leaked Zimmerman and witnesses accounts.  We have some 911 recordings.  Taken at face value we have a 17 year old black male in prime health.  We have some neighborhood watch type guy in a gated community.  He spots a stranger walking through the community.  He calls police.  His intial description of Martin makes it clear he does not know his race therefor this is NOT racial on Zimmerman's part (but can be on the prosecutor's part) no matter how much certain people would like it to be.  That is a fact pointed out by Jon Turley.

Zimmerman follows Martin.  The 911 dispatch tells Zimmerman not to.  Martin tells his girlfriend someone is stalking him.  She tells him to run.  He refuses, but says he will walk fast.  She indicates Martin is worried about the stalker...but her words could equally be construed that Martin was getting irritated by the stalker as well.

Eventually Zimmerman SAYS he agreed with the 911 operator to discontinue his pursuit and was returning to his vehicle.  There he is confronted by Martin.  A fight ensues (Martin's girlfriend lends weight to this) in which Martin is beating on Zimmerman---both leaked reports of evidence and witnesses corroborate this.  Zimmerman claims Martin reached for his gun at which point he shot and killed Martin. 

Who started the actual physical confrontation will likely never be known.  It would be helpful to know the positions and paths of the store Martin was returning from, the house he was going to and where is body was found.  As well as where Zimmerman's SUV was parked.  Obviously if Martin's body is off of a direct line path to the house then Martin likely did indeed confront Zimmerman. 

Martin had every Right to be where he was, when he was, doing what he was.  Zimmerman had every Right to be suspicious.  And every Right to monitor Martin's or anyone else's public travel.  A direct challenging confrontation on either person's part was both unwise for obvious tragic reasons.  Even if Martin did not belong in that community, and was there to rob a home for example, he had every Right to travel unmolested.  

Whether people like it or not, assuming the leaked reports are correct, Zimmerman's self defense case go a whole lot better after the leak.  Questions as to whom confronted whom in the end are likely not to be resolved.  Zimmerman's tale will be believed because he is here to tell it as long as the evidence/witnesses  does not contradict it, because it is the prosecutor's burden to prove otherwise.  And it doesn't look like they can.  Zimmerman walks---destitute if that makes anyone feel better. 
edit: Interesting video of Zimmerman at the police station.  One he was under arrest (and them apparently not).  Second no evidence of a "broken nose" (according to his attorney), or treated wounds on the back of his head or blood on his clothes in evidence did police allow him the change and bag the evidence?).  But he is wearing a red windbreaker(?).  This leads me back to my online comments when I first heard this story---who is Zimmerman and why is he being protected and by whom?  Curiouser and curiouser....

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