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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 4/9/12: Let Private, Voluntary Organizations Help Those in Need


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Comment by David McElroy
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I have long supported Dr. Paul and his message. I do believe government has seriously abused the "general welfare" concept in furthering the socialist agenda, robbing people under a "do-gooder" banner. Most, if not all, of that should stop.

However, we suffer a system that often criminalizes helping others, prohibiting even churches from operating shelters or soup kitchens for the homeless. While some might holler "Get a job, you bum!" as they drive by, jobs are scarce and we have a business regimentation that is cutting off the bottom rungs on the ladder of success. Marginal opportunities to make an honest buck are denied the desperately poor, as cities make it illegal to collect cans or other scrap, to sell flowers, newspapers, or wash windows on the street. Panhandling or just being present is a crime. If you cannot afford high standards, you are permitted nothing, and the cops will seize and destroy even a transient's coat or blanket.

If we are going to resolve the issues of poverty and homelessness, we need to restore the bottom rungs on the ladder to success by allowing those low-standard marginal opportunies for honest labor, reducing regulation and registration of every little business transaction, by creating job opportunities for all willing and able to work. Especially self-employment. Some loudly tout the "Work Ethic" in insisting people work for a living. But they forget the point is working for a living, and refuse to pay a living wage for labor. They really want slavery. And they will not respect the rights of slaves.

There will always be some simply unable to work due to severe handicaps, injuries, or old age. We should stop letting governments and corporations destroy the pensions of those who paid into them many years. We should be decent enough to make some provision for those who cannot care for themselves, and create a business climate that neither rewards dependency, nor stifles self-reliance. A truly free market would go a long way to end poverty!

Vote Ron Paul... if you think votes are counted honestly! Live free or die trying!