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'It will lead to war' - Ron Paul fights to end military aid for Israel


Presidential hopeful Ron Paul has condemned a plan being considered in the United States House of Representatives that would allow for the US to continue aiding in the defense of Israel by equipping the Jewish state’s military with added weaponry.

From Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) attacked the contents of an act currently up for discussion that, if passed, would reestablish America’s major role in Israeli affairs. Rep Paul fears, however, that it would do more harm than good for all nations involved.

To House Speak John Boehner, Paul said that H.R. 4133, the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, “is another piece of one-sided and counter-productive foreign policy legislation.”

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Comment by PureTrust
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Hey, JV, now you're starting to talk like Larken Rose.

Save the money. Shut the whole Government down.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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 A hard-working member of our community organization e-mailed to me as Ex-Officio Adviser of the organization, to let me know that he hates to pay his taxes that only go to the salary of "useless" Congressmen like Ron Paul. In Congress, he sees RP as a "fence-sitter" doing nothing except sits there and like Vulture watch proposed legislations die and drop to the floor after he attacked them. He says: "This no-good politician attacks our national debts -- let's not pay his salary for doing nothing useful, out of the taxes we paid the Government. We have to pay those debts. Instead, let's save our money and let every penny counts rather than waste them on useless politicians like Ron Paul."

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Ron Paul fights long and hard to end all foreign aid to ALL, not just Israel.  He always has.