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House Vote Upholds Indefinite Detention of US Citizens

• New York Times
The House on Friday turned back an unusual coalition of liberals and conservatives and voted down legislation to reject explicitly the indefinite detention of terrorism suspects apprehended on United States soil. 

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Comment by TheRockster
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Claire Wolf says we're in that awkward time when it's too late to fix it but too early to shoot the bastards.  This vote should provide the approved list of whom to target when it's not too early any more.

Comment by PureTrust
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This is treason, and unconstitutional. But not for the reasons that we normally think.

The reason that it is treason and unconstitutional, is that the Government has allowed the situation to get to this point. Yet, by the letter of the law, it is legal and Constitutional. Why? Here's a basic idea of how it works.

1. Fed Gov has no direct authority over the people except in times of emergency and times of war. Yet there is one small area where the Government has control over the people.

2. We the people, are free to contract with Government. We have done so in several ways. Probably the most important way is the Social Security contract we each have made with Government.

3. The contract, itself, is bad enough. But when we say that we are the SS account, we are really putting our foot into it in a very bad way.

4. When do we tell Government that we are the SS account? When we say that the SS Number is our number rather than the number of the SS account, like it really is.

After all, your electric bill account number isn't your number, is it? Isn't it the number of the account that you have with the power company?

And even though you say that your phone number is your number, isn't it really the number of an account that you have with the phone company?

5. If you tell Gov that the SSN is your number, Gov doesn't have any choice but to consider that you are the SS account. And Gov has the duty to regulate all the aspects of the SS account. Why? Because the SS account is a Government person.

Now, this short comment is entirely incomplete. And it is brief. And there are other things besides this, like your agreement to obey all the banking laws when you sign the signature card for your SS account's bank account (you thought it was your account, didn't you?).

Again, the Government officials' treason lies in the fact that the Government has not kept us out of such positions. The treason doesn't lie in the way that we are being treated now that we are in such positions.

They have not explained the contracts to us and the significance of the wording in the contracts. Rather, they have lured us into signing the contracts so that they can steal our money and gain control over us.

There are ways out. But if a big portion of society and the populace does not start challenging the FRAUD involved in the contracts with Government, law enforcement doesn't have any choice except to go along with Government treason and unconstitutionality in general.

We need to wake up and focus in the right way.

Comment by Alicia Pepin
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This is treason and unconstituttional .