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•, by Robert Bridge
 "The European missile defense system is certainly designed not to defend from a mythical missile threat on the part of Iran and North Korea, but from what Western politicians believe could be a possible attack by Russian ballistic missiles. Any NATO military plans classify the Russian nuclear missile potential as posing a threat to the alliance, which envisions certain measures to neutralize (Russia’s nuclear defense forces)."

The deployment of a global missile defense system by the United States and NATO undermines strategic stability in the world and prompts Moscow to take appropriate steps in response, says a leading Russian engineer.

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Comment by PureTrust
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There is a third reason for all the missile defense systems. The first, of course, is in the name. It's called defense. The second is for offense. This is preparation for the event of major world governmental or banking collapse. "We need to get our fair share of what's left." But what's the third?

The third is set up, behind the scenes, by those who are in charge of and over the Bilderberg meetings. You will probably never find out who these people are. They always do their work through proxies, except when they act as proxies themselves. But you really never know who is who.

In a "word," what they are carefully preparing for, is to "protect" themselves and the world against the Second Coming. Who knows if they believe that the Second Coming will take place exactly as prophesied? Who knows if they think that the prophesies are only generalizations of an imminent attack from outer space aliens? But this a strong third reason for the whole worldwide missile defense system.