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Roger Young's "I Hereby Secede" video

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A Personal Declaration of Secession

Government (of whatever form) cannot righteously rule without consent of the governed. Without your consent, this entity cannot rightfully claim or require any contractual obligation upon you. No individual or collective entity can declare legitimate authority over your life or property without your explicit consent. Without your consent, their claims of ruling you can then only be backed by threatening violence upon you, further illustrating their illegitimacy. And no, you cannot be rightfully born into such an arrangement, just as you cannot be rightfully born a slave.

Make your claim to individual sovereignty clear by declaring and affirming your personal secession. 

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Comment by Don Duncan
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I don't need to secede from government for two reasons. First, I did not join, e.g., I did not agree to be taxed (robbed) or governed. I have rejected the authority of anyone over myself since I first considered the concept of sovereignty at the age of 8. I did not know what to call my status or even if it had a name or needed to be named at that age. I only knew I was different. For example, in the third grade (1950) I was the only student who refused to perform the daily ritual of swearing an oath of allegiance. The object of the oath was not relevant. I did not want to become servant to anyone or anything, especially against my will. I was told I had no choice. I rejected that opinion. I resisted and was punished. Finally, I was allowed to not join the ritual. I could not understand why everyone was taking part is this offensive act of submission. I grew up alone in my belief in independence. I knew others who were in rebellion, but did so blindly, not on principle. Second, I came to understand that government is an illusion based on a superstition, i.e., the belief that sovereignty is impractical and must be sacrificed to obtain security. This belief is so strong that it has the strength of a religious conviction with most. It is so strong that people believe it must be forced on everyone regardless of historical evidence to the contrary, e.g., the mass murders in the name of conformity to authority, and ritual mutual suicide (war). There is an unconscious (subconscious) awareness or this insane renouncement of the self. I see it in the popularity of two movie themes. These are vampire and zombie movies. Like nightmares, these themes recur as an attempt to deal with an unaddressed social problem. Politicians and bureaucrats control and prey upon the populace just as vampires. In zombie movies a mass of robot like human forms destroy other humans. How is that different from living in a police state? We see on Utube videos the daily abuse of people by the police as other people stand around like helpless zombies. People witness injustice by the system they support and cannot reconcile reality with their hopes and dreams. This internal conflict is represented in horror movies.