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Lily-Pad Empire


The first thing I saw last month when I walked into the belly of the dark grey C-17 Air Force cargo plane was a void–something missing. A missing left arm, to be exact, severed at the shoulder, temporarily patched and held together. Thick, pale flesh, flecked with bright red at the edges. It looked like meat sliced open. The face and what remained of the rest of the man were obscured by blankets, an American flag quilt, and a jumble of tubes and tape, wires, drip bags, and medical monitors.

That man and two other critically wounded soldiers–one with two stumps where legs had been, the other missing a leg below the thigh–were intubated, unconscious, and lying on stretchers hooked to the walls of the plane that had just landed at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. A tattoo on the soldier’s remaining arm read, “DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR.”

I asked a member of the Air Force medical team about the casualties they see like these. Many, as with this flight, were coming from Afghanistan, he told me. “A lot from the Horn of Africa,” he added. “You don’t really hear about that in the media.”


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The Enemy of the State monitors the restructuring of our foreign military bases into "Lily-Pads". These are cost-efficient and more effective strategically-located small-size military bases devised to appease politicians critical of our behemoth military presence abroad.

And now that we have downsized our foreign-based military bases, the new military defense improvements we made are the target of new attacks.

No matter what we do, foreign ideological Mafias with programs to destroy America and their highly-paid local underlings acting as mouthpiece in a nationwide anti-U.S. propaganda campaign portraying the United States as an "Evil Empire" that must be destroyed, will never leave us alone. Listening to them and resorting to political compromise or "appeasement", is brainless – not just a sign of weakness!

There is an internal "war" going on inside this country, and the least you can do is stop listening to information-whores peddling their "whorewares" to make you believe their subversive indoctrination or propaganda-lie that the freest, wealthiest, mightiest country in the world where you live is "evil".

Support the U.S. Government to get rid of the Enemy within and their Fifth Columns.

You live in the Land of the Brave!