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Can Voluntaryism Fix the Machine?

•, Alex R. Knight III
The much vaunted libertarian journalist and commentator H.L. Mencken once wrote: “I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.”
I don’t consider it a stretch at all to say that this is how any voluntaryist worthy of the title feels. But statists – left, right, and centrist – most obviously disagree. They still remain adamantly convinced that government – whether minimal or all-pervasive – and in spite of all historical evidence to the contrary, remains both a legitimate and useful vehicle for producing an orderly, just, and productive society. And, most maddeningly, they are enamored of conveniently going to whatever lengths necessary to ignore and evade what is perhaps the most important point of voluntaryism: That governments, of whatever variety, can only and ever sustain themselves by the constant, unwavering threat of lethal violence.

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Comment by Anonymously Yours
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Mencken analysis of government has sadly been my and two generations of Citizens experience. From taxing my father 70% of his personal income when he only made a couple of hundred thousand dollars, one year I might add, to the constant adding of various taxes, fees and regulatory restrains, government is but a confiscatory agency who protects those within the agency so that the confiscation cannot be stopped. Thinking that you can beat these people politically is naive. The key is in the judiciary, which historically has been just a rubber stamp for our oligarchy. Until we take back control of justice, government will continue to run roughshod over our Citizens. The ability to privately/voluntarily go to a grand jury and get an indictment against government corruption would be a great start and I'm being told that there are grand juries that are excepting this practice.

Obviously I believe that politics is a waste of time and more importantly, a subversive and planned distraction to keep us out of the court room.  Just listen to the commentary of the post debates if you want to throw up at the BS they are putting out.  


Comment by Powell Gammill
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Fix it as in throwing a monkey wrench into it?  Fix it as in building a new machine free from restrictions?